Shipment Tracker Google Addon by TrackFree


 * How do I use the TrackFree - Shipment tracker add-on 

  With your tracking number in cell A2, you can call the =tracking() function like this:

tracking(A2, "tracking_number,courier_name,status,date,location,url,expected", false, false)

The second argument in the =tracking() formula is a comma-separated column you want to be returned. 

The third argument is whether to return the entire history (true or false).

The fourth argument is whether to return in the context view (true or false).

I get an error message: "This function needs your permission to run. Please open the side menu: Add-ons -> Shipment Tracker by TrackFree -> Track Packages" 

To run custom functions, Google Sheets needs your explicit authorization. By opening up the side menu, we can perform this authorization.

 Please note that the owner of the Sheet must be the one to perform the authorization. 

* I get an error message: "Exceeded maximum execution time."

    Google uses a proxy to fetch the data from our server and has strict timeouts. If you are tracking many packages, you might encounter this error a lot. In this case, please use our Excel Add-on. If you don't have Excel, you can use their free version at 

I get an error message : "Formula parse error."

  This can mean one (or both) of the following:

 1. The formula has spelling or other errors in it.

 2. A non-English language setting has been selected for your Sheet. If that's the case, please replace commas with semicolons ;

 =tracking(A2; "status,location,date"; false; false)

* I get an error message: "Service invoked too many times for one day: urlfetch."

  Google Sheets sends all external requests through their proxy, which limits the number of external calls you can make. Your limit depends on your G Suite subscription. You can view your URL Fetch calls limit here:

How do I change the account settings?

You can change your account settings by logging in to the TF admin portal at 

How do I upgrade or downgrade my paid account?

You can upgrade/downgrade or cancel anytime at


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